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Hello! My name is Amy...


I am the owner of Virtually Amy, an Essex-based business. Turn your ideas into eye-catching content and designs, enhancing your brand through professional digital marketing!

I specialise in branding, social media management and graphic design. My creativity and proactive nature has helped numerous small businesses and sole traders achieve their business goals and boost their brand, from educators and mobile fleet companies, to florists and authors.

I understand how much time and effort goes into running a business so, by setting up Virtually Amy, I aim to give time back to busy business owners while growing their brand, image and company to reach their goals!

Click here to find out how I could help you!

Are you a business owner looking to create a brand or re-fresh the one you have?

Do you struggle with time or content ideas for your socials? Need help managing accounts so you can get on with growing your business?

Do you have lots of great ideas but struggle to implement them?

Need an extra set of hands without the employer commitments?



Branding is the process of creating a unique identity and perception for a product, service, company, or individual in the minds of consumers. It encompasses everything from the visual elements like logos, colours, and design, to the messaging, values, and customer experience associated with the brand.


Whether you’re a new business or already established looking for a refresh, I can help with; brand identity, brand personality, brand values, storytelling and consistency to help your business stand out and foster long-term relationships.


This involves generating material for online platforms such as websites, social media, blogs, videos/reels, and more. It involves ideation, research, writing, designing, filming, or recording content that is valuable, relevant, and engaging for your specific audience. I aim to provide information, entertainment, or solutions to your audience's needs or interests.


The content can take various forms, including articles, infographics, videos, images, memes, and more, tailored to suit the preferences and consumption habits of the target audience. Additionally, content creation often involves optimising content for search engines (SEO) and promoting it through various channels to reach a wider audience.


Social media management involves creating, scheduling, analysing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, etc. It includes tasks like content creation, scheduling posts, responding to comments and messages, monitoring trends and analytics, and strategising to increase engagement and followers.


I will use tools and strategies to effectively manage brand presence, reputation, and communication with the audience on various social media channels.


I will visually communicate your ideas, messages, or information using typography, imagery, colour, and various layout techniques. I combine text and images to create visually appealing designs for various purposes, including advertising, branding, marketing, and communication.


I create designs for print materials like brochures, posters, business cards, as well as digital assets such as website graphics, social media posts, infographics, newsletters and more.


Book in a free discovery call - around 30 minutes for me to get to know you and your business (and vice versa) and to discuss your digital marketing needs and goals.

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